Terme Bagni San Filippo

The hotel has an agreement in place with the spa complex.

Terme Bagni San FilippoSuper thermal (52°) waters rich in sulphur and bicarbonate
This beautiful location, chosen by a pious hermit, is a small village on the slopes of Monte Amiata, in the midst of the wild Val D’Orcia.

With its five hot springs and its limestone waterfall, this is the perfect place for a calm search for the inner self.
The spa complex, located in a welcoming eighteenth century palace, makes good use of all the beneficial properties of the hot springs.

Within the centre various treatments are available for the body and face, using the mineral sediments left by the valuable waters. Our guests can use the thermal swimming pool at reduced daily or afternoon rates.
Deckchairs, sunbeds, parasols and showers are available free of charge.

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