Sensory Spas

Terme SensorialiSensory Salon (100 m from the hotel)
The hotel has an agreement in place with the centre Guests enjoy a discount of 10%
Open every day from 10.00 to 22.00, as well as special night-time openings

Call Center 848800243 0578.68480

In recent years Chianciano Terme has welcomed the addition of the wonderful "Sensory Salon" to its spa treatments. A wellness centre covering more than 300 square metres within the splendid traditional “Parco Dell’Acqua Santa”.

Fascinating programmes which use the five elements (AIR - FIRE - WATER - EARTH - SKY) help to revitalize the mind and the senses.
Five programmes which include 20 different treatments, designed by experts in naturopathy

- depurative programme
- remodelling programme
- toning programme
- re-balancing programme
- relaxing programme
- energizing programme

Kneipp suite
Sensory bath
Bath with cervical cascade and air jets
Aroma shower
Classic hot shower
Showers at various temperatures 15°- 20° - 30° C
Air bath
Turkish bath
Etruscan sauna
Finnish sauna
Cold mist
Ice crash
Mud room
Energy pyramid (salt cave)
Energizing aromatherapy
Relaxing aromatherapy
Chromotherapy and music therapy for the 7 chakras
Anechoic chamber
Relaxation zone
Spring cave

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