Terme di Chianciano

In the spa centres of Chianciano Terme the waters are beneficial for the treatment of conditions of the liver, biliary ducts, kidneys and urinary system, as well as otorhinolaryngological problems and rheumatoid arthritis.

The Spas at Chianciano are covered by the National Health Service and patients can receive treatment for problems of the liver, biliary ducts and intestinal system with a prescription from their doctor, on payment of a one-off fee of € 50 (excluding exemptions).
Exemptions: Patients under 6 or over 65, or with a total family income under 36,151.98 euros per year.
Ticket: 3.10 euros per prescription.

Series of 12 hydro therapy sessions: starting with a registration consultation at the Medical Administration Office (50 metres from the hotel) and continuing with 12 treatments with Acqua Santa, or 12 treatments with Acqua Santa, 6 mud baths of the liver area and 6 carbon gas treatments with Acqua Sillene.

The medical prescription covers the following conditions:
– “Gastrointestinal or bilious dyspepsia” 

– “Irritable bowel syndrome with constipation”

Treatment cycles are also available for rheumatoid arthritis, respiratory problems and vascular conditions.
For further information please contact the Medical Administration Office on 0578 68344.

CALL CENTER 848800243

Sillene Complex, 300 m from the hotel
Located on a hill which was once the site of an Etruscan temple dedicated to Sellene, goddess of springs, this is a state of the art centre specializing in wellness, beauty and physiokinesthetic treatments. It also offers balneotherapy and mud baths, recommended for circulatory and liver and bile duct problems.
Mud and water baths with Acqua Sillene (sulphur-bicarbonate-calcium) for rheumatoid arthritis (osteoporosis, arthritis) are covered by the National Health Service.
To access the spa treatments you just need a prescription from your GP.
Ticket € 50 except exemptions: registration consultation, 12 mud baths and 12 water baths.
CALL CENTER 848800243

Parco Fucoli and Terme di Sant’Elena

It is very likely that the name Chianciano comes from Cis Clanas, subsequently Clancianum, in other words “beyond the chiana”. In the splendid parks which surround the town, Parco Fucoli and Parco Sant’ Elena, natural springs spout water which is curative for the stomach, liver and kidneys, well-known since ancient times by the Etruscans and the Romans, and used by sovereigns and princes.

Sant’Elena” pure mineral water is renowned for its important therapeutic properties; it is diuretic and recommended for treatment of kidney diseases and gastrointestinal problems.  It has always been bottled as it comes from the spring, retaining all its health-giving properties, and is excellent taken with meals. Inside the park, with its elegant bar, there are amusements and live music, with afternoon entertainment and dancing.

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