This splendid town, known as "the Pearl of the 16th century" for its artistic and architectural heritage, retains its beauty intact.

Climbing its steep streets, the visitor discovers magnificent palaces and churches, where Renaissance architects showcased their unparalleled art.

montepulciano-piazza-grandeDo not miss the wonderful Piazza Grande, its cathedral with the unfinished facade and the Town Hall; all surrounded by Renaissance palaces.
The unforgettable view of the valley below the town is marked by the elegant outline of the Temple of San Biagio.

Montepulciano is also the centre of a thriving cultural scene: among the most famous events are the "International Art Workshop" and the popular "Bruscello" medieval festival.
The economy, always based on agriculture, is now combined with a strong vocation for tourism, and one of the major components of this is the Terme di Montepulciano spa in S.Albino, where treatments are based on the curative properties of water and mud.

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