Monte Amiata, the Tuscan massif, shows its gentle but austere face from miles away.
On a clear day it can be seen from the hills of Chianti, from Maremma and by travellers on the Tyrrhenian coast, from the mountains of Lazio and the calm waters of Lakes Trasimeno and Bolsena.

Monte AmiataA clean-cut, strong profile, emerging from the enormous range of gently rolling Tuscan hills.
Immersed and enclosed in classic Tuscany, with Umbria and the Tuscia laziale mountains close by, for millenia Amiata has been a place with its own independent geology, history and landscapes.
Luxuriant beech woods, bizarre-shaped rocks, generous freshwater springs, mines and a struggling mountain agriculture have infused the inhabitants of these slopes with a sense of proud difference.


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