Already an important site in Etruscan days, Chiusi's time of greatest splendour was during the reign of the legendary King Porsenna.
Hugely significant archaeological finds are still being unearthed today, and many of them can be seen in the "Etruscan National Archaeological Museum".

ChiusiOpposite the museum stands the cathedral, already in existence in the 12th century and rebuilt in 1585: next door and dating from the 30s is the "Cathedral Museum", which holds important finds, including some beautiful missals painted in miniature.
Numerous Etruscan tombs have also been excavated in this area, such as the Pellegrina, the tomb of the Monkey, the Lion, the Pania and many more. Christianity spread very rapidly in this land; the Catacombs of Santa Mustiola and Santa Caterina are testimony of this.
As well as the catacombs, tourists can visit the "Labyrinth of Porsenna", an intricate system of underground tunnels leading to a water tank dating from the 1st century AD. With all of this, added to Chiusi's considerable natural attractions, the town is developing its own tourism industry.
An important feature is the lake of Chiusi, below the town, a tranquil pool of water where visitors can go fishing or bird-watching.


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